Industry Programs

With a global list of clients, Green Ride Global™ has become the leader in environmental sustainability programming designed specifically for the transportation industry.

Our mission is to ensure our members exceed the environmental expectations and RFP requirements of their clients. Entry into Green Ride Global’s environmental sustainability program enables us to measure, manage, reduce and report on your transportation company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Green Hotels Global™ is a comprehensive, interactive, environmental sustainability benchmarking tool for the global hotel industry.

Unifying the multitude of existing environmental credentials and in-house efforts into a single source for environmental performance, Green Hotels Global provides quantitative metrics and qualitative information on hotel properties worldwide. Environmental metrics on every hotel property registered in Green Hotels Global are provided to corporations that use those properties for transient travel and meetings and events. Included in the data on each property are carbon footprint, energy consumption, water usage and waste generation associated with room-night usage and event bookings.

In addition to giving hotels a robust environmental tool, Green Hotels Global provides major top-line revenue potential. It drives new business to those properties that participate due to the usefulness of the qualitative and quantitative environmental data submitted to the decision makers around room-night bookings and meeting and event site selection. Green Hotels Global has been designed to assist hotel properties qualify under the ASTM/APEX Green Meeting and Event Standard which is expected to be an important qualifier for hotels seeking the business of corporations, governments, and other organizations that are committed to reduce the environmental footprint of their business travel and events.

Green Cruise Global™ is the first metrics-based environmental sustainability tool specifically designed for the cruise ship industry.

Modeled on the success of our award-winning Green Hotels Global program, Green Cruise Global measures and benchmarks carbon emissions, freshwater consumption, waste diversion and over 50 onboard environmental management practices.

Each ship’s environmental performance is tracked through an online dashboard. Crew and cruise line managers use the dashboard to monitor environmental progress. Passengers can access the dashboard to view the cruise line’s commitment to environmental sustainability and disclosure.

Our team of professionals measures the carbon footprint of each ship. We then neutralize its emissions through Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard offset projects that remove or reduce an equal amount of carbon in another location. Every passenger cruising on a Green Cruise Global ship takes comfort in knowing their voyage is 100% carbon neutral.

Utility InSite is a platform designed for utility tracking, bill management and real time energy visibility. Our customers have the tool needed to better understand and lower energy consumption and costs all while improving their overall environmental footprints.

Utility InSite allows our customers to marry real time data with expense management and identify areas for savings.

  1. Utility Bill Management
    1. Tracking
    2. Verifying
    3. Streamlining Processes
  2. Energy Management
    1. Energy Usage Analysis
    2. Energy Usage Reporting
    3. Measurement and Verification
    4. Budgeting
    5. Identification of Optimization Opportunities
    6. Real-Time, Load Level Electricity Monitoring