Environmental Software Design

We design, develop and manage software and databases that enable our clients to measure, track, benchmark and report on their carbon inventories, water footprints, energy intensity, waste diversion rates, and other environmental performance indicators.

Energy & Utility Management

Energy & utility management including utility monitoring, energy consumption analysis, reporting and bill payments are provided through our Utility InSite software-as-a-service.

Environmental Sustainability Programs

We design and manage industry-specific environmental sustainability programs, such as Green Ride Global, Green Cruise Global, and our award-winning Green Hotels Global.

Carbon & Water Footprints

As a third-party, we quantify, validate and report carbon & water footprints.

Supply Chain Analysis

We provide supply chain analyses, validation, and third-party reporting.

CSR & CDP Reports

We prepare corporate sustainability reports and CDP reports.

Life-cycle Assessments

We prepare life-cycle assessments for consumer and industrial products.

Carbon Offset Projects

We source Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard carbon offset projects around the world. Our projects make a real and lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

Municipal Sustainability

We measure, benchmark and track the carbon, water, waste and energy footprints for Municipalities and municipal infrastructure.  Our tools and services support municipal operations including public works, health services, social services and the infrastructure and facilities managed by municipalities.  We support projects involving municipal assets, buildings, facilities, transportation systems, residential & commercial developments and infrastructure projects.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

We quantify Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and prepare greenhouse gas inventories for corporations and other organizations.

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